A Review Of Insulin Pumps

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A Review Of Insulin PumpsFor diabetics, insulin injections are often a way of life. Although insulin is something which used to only be administered via individual injections, it is now available by an easier administration method. Insulin pumps are the new and improved way to receive one’s insulin doses in a less painful, more exact manner. Even though these items have been around for more than 30 years, the products available today are much greater, in both quality and quantity. For those who may be interested in obtaining an insulin pump or trading their old one in for a new one, the following reviews of various insulin pumps on the consumer market today may prove helpful.

Animas 2020

Animas is a well-known manufacturer of insulin pumps. One highly thought of insulin pump model produced by this company is the Animas 2020. The Animas 2020 possesses such great attributes as a flat panel color screen with high contrast features and various information storage capabilities including prior 500 carbohydrate and blood sugar levels, last 500 boluses and generous quantities of daily totals. This model also comes complete with multiple alarm settings and ezFlip pump covers.

Deltec Cozmo

Another popular brand of insulin pump is the Deltec pump. The Deltec Cozmo is one of the newer insulin pumps produced by this company and contains almost everything one would want in an insulin pump. Being touted as one of the lightest insulin pumps on the market, this is just one of the many wonderful features of the Deltec Cozmo. Other features include no-look boluses, ability to download information to a PC, nonproprietary infusion sets and 300-unit reservoir make this a good choice for many insulin pump users.

Disetronic Spirit

The Disetronic Spirit is another choice for insulin pump shoppers to consider. Consisting of a generous 315-unit reservoir and available in 30 different colors/styles, this pump is not only useful but aesthetically pleasing as well. This model also offers 24 basals per day and is waterproof for up to an hour. Three operating menus enable the user to perform their blood glucose checks accurately and efficiently.

Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm

The oldest insulin pump company, Medtronic, offers a new type of insulin pump called the MiniMed Paradigm 522 and 722. These pumps have multiple features necessary for diabetics to keep their insulin level in check which include accommodating unit space, various carb and correction settings, choice of four infusion sets and easy clip attachment. Some of the cons which have been noted with this type of insulin pump include slow bolus delivery, expensive upgrade options and occasional loss of previously entered data. However, if one is looking for a simple pump to deliver insulin-related statistics, the MiniMed Paradigm might work just fine.

Insulet OmniPod

The Insulet company is a relatively new one in the area of insulin pumps. With that said, they are one which exhibits top-notch technology with regard to their products. The Insulet OmniPod is a new type of insulin pump which uses a two-part system to monitor one’s glucose level and administer insulin. This device does not use tubing but instead has a monitor placed on top of the skin. There is a handheld device which produces all of the required information. It is a watertight system which can go underwater up to eight feet for a period of 30 minutes. The reservoir holds 200 units and bolus increments are available in .05, .1, .5 and 1.0 quantities. An integrated food database offers an additional nicety for users to take advantage of.

Sooil DANA Diabecare II

Since 1981, Sooil has been an insulin pump provider for diabetics. The DANA Diabecare II model has almost anything an insulin pump user can want in a device of this kind. With a 300-unit reservoir, waterproof attributes, light qualities and large display screen, this insulin pump does the job with the user in mind. Some have stated that the screen does not have the best resolution but the size thereof makes it easier to read than some other insulin pumps on the market today. The 3.6-volt battery enables the DANA Diabecare II to run for approximately two to three months on one battery which provides the user with a convenience in that they do not have to change the battery as frequently as some of their insulin pump competitors. All in all, a good pump to consider using.

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