Microlet Vaculance Lancing Device

Microlet Vaculance Lancing DeviceThe Microlet Vaculance lancing device is used differently than other lancing devices. When testing your blood glucose, you don’t have to use your fingertips like you would for other lancing devices. In fact, this device is not set up to use for your fingertips. With this device, you can actually get blood from your arms and legs.

The Microlet Vaculance uses BD Ultra Fine II lancets. These are lancets that are used in gauges of 30 or 33. Both sets are thin, with the 33 gauge being the thinner of the two. However, more diabetics were using the 30 gauge.

Even so, the 33 gauge isn’t far behind. It can be used for BD Logic and Latitude blood glucose meters. The lancet takes a moment to set up in the Vaculance lancing device. The only minor issue with this would be to make sure that you’re using a fresh one.

When you’re finished with the lancet, it needs to be disposed of properly and quickly. If this is not done, you could set yourself up for injuries and/or accidents. When they are not disposed of in a proper manner, the loose lancets are known as sharps. These can be very dangerous and harmful.

If you’re not sure of where to dispose your lancets, check with your local municipality or if you live in an apartment, check with the apartment manager. They can advise you of whether or not it is safe to dispose lancets in the disposal.

The Vaculance is designed with a vacuum device where your blood can be suctioned out. This gives you clearance to use other areas of your hand like your thumb base and your palm’s outside area on the edge. These areas are not prone to as much discomfort and pain as the tips of your fingers would be.

When you get a blood drop, it is not able to move to the test strip with ease. You will have to place the test drip in the area of the blood drop. The Vaculance is required to utilize strips that suction the blood.

For adult diabetics, using the Vaculance lancing device is a simple process. To operate it, you must push the plunger downward with your thumb. This activates the stick and vacuum area. Continue to push down until the vacuum lets go. You can then test the blood. Because it’s better suited for those who can exert pressure, it’s better if this lancing device is used by adults only.

Older children, including teenagers and young adults, can try using the Vaculance lancing device. It may be especially helpful if they can’t use their fingertips or those who have big hands. They can give it a shot and see what they think.

However, for younger children, the Vaculance is not recommended. This is because they would have to exert more pressure from their already small body size. This will do nothing but frustrate them and is best not to allow them to use the Vaculance lancing device.

The Vaculance is good for adults because it offers an alternative way from fingertip testing. You won’t have to concern yourself about your fingers being sore anymore.