Unilet Lancets, Unilet GP And Unilet Superlite

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Unilet Lancets, Unilet GP And Unilet SuperliteWith Unilet lancets, different needle sizes can be used. This helps to make sure that the samples from the blood glucose testing are correct. These lancets can be used with different blood glucose meters.

The needles are uniquely designed and you can choose from different widths. This helps to get the blood samples without having to experience a lot of frustration or injury to your skin. You will also be able to test yourself without much discomfort on a daily basis.

You can choose which gauge you want to use with the Unilet lancet. You can also choose which shape you want to use with your lancing device.

With the Unilet and Unilet GP lancets, they both use 21 gauge instruments. The standard one is the Unilet GP and the XL version is the Unilet. The latter lancet is exclusively made for the Autolet and the Glucolet lancing instruments.

With the 21 gauge lancets, they may not be suitable for children due to the bigger size. In fact, they may cause more pain to them than necessary. Since the Unilet tops have a circular shape, the used lancets would be difficult for children to cover up.

The Unilet Superlite and Unilet Superlite GP lancets are not as thick as the Unilet lancets. The same thing applies with the Superlite as far as the GP and the XL lancets. The Unilet Superlite lancet is bigger than some of the other lancets available today. However, this lancet can still cause pain when used. In fact, it is more painful and uncomfortable than some of the other lancets, including the Unilet and Unilet GP lancet brands.

With the lancet tops, the same scenario applies where it’s difficult for children to cap them. It would be safe to say that the Unilet Superlite brands are not recommended for diabetic children.

In order to use the Unilet brand lancet effectively, here are some tips you should follow:

• First, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water. For more blood flow, rub your hands together with fierceness. Make sure they are completely dry before using the lancet.

• With the lancet, load it in the device and choose the measurement you need for the needle to go into your skin. There are different measurements for different types of skin.

• Use the outer portion of one of your fingers to use with the lancet and lancing device. The device should lightly press against your finger and prick the selected finger. If you prefer not to use your finger, there are some Unilet lancets that allow you to use other areas on your body.

• Give your finger or other alternate body part a chance for the blood to emerge. You may have to massage the area from the bottom of the finger in order to get an ample amount. It’s a good idea to use different fingers each time so the same ones won’t get sore or injured.

If you find it difficult to use the Unilet lancet brand, consult with your physician for further assistance. This lancet is one of the easiest brands to work with.

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