FreeStyle Flash Glucose Meter

FreeStyle Flash Glucose MeterAbbott Diabetes Care is a well-known name in the diabetes product industry. This company carries a multitude of products which are used by diabetics worldwide. For those who are searching for a glucose meter to monitor their blood sugar level, this company provides quite a few from which to choose the best one for their individual testing needs. One such glucose meter offered by this company is the FreeStyle Flash.

Product Characteristics
The main characteristics of the FreeStyle Flash glucose meter focus on pain-free testing which is discrete in nature. The Flash model requires only a 0.3 microliter of blood in order to obtain glucose level results. In addition, the glucose meter can be used at various testing sites which presents many different options for test areas on the body. Programmable alarms remind the user when it is time to test which makes it easy to stay on track with glucose monitoring. This model also includes lights, such as the test light and backlit display, which make for easy reading.

Pros of the FreeStyle Flash Glucose Meter
As many of the other products designed by Abbott Diabetes Care, the FreeStyle Flash glucose meter is all in all a good product. It has reminder alarms which are extremely beneficial in and of themselves but especially so for those who may be busy or a bit forgetful at times. Another positive aspect of the FreeStyle Flash is that it has an easy to read screen with more than adequate lighting in which to read the results, no matter where the test is taken. In addition, the virtually pain free characteristics of the test itself makes it less likely that the tester will experience too much discomfort when having to test on a frequent basis. Lastly, this model of glucose meter provides multiple testing sites for the individual to choose the best one for their needs.

Cons of the FreeStyle Flash Glucose Meter
There are a few disadvantages which can be cited with the FreeStyle Flash model. First, the product is described as having multiple testing sites however there are certain sites which should be used for particular testing situations. For example, hypoglycemic individuals who are testing for low blood sugar or hypoglycemic awareness should use the finger site as opposed to any other site as this is most accurate in this scenario.

Also, this model of glucose meter does not offer PC compatibility where you can download the information from the meter onto your computer. The PC feature is a great thing to have these days as it allows users of glucose meters to put all of their pertinent glucose recordings directly on their computer. Therefore, even though this is a good model when all is said and done, there are other glucose meters on the market today which may offer more components for the tester to take advantage thereof.

The Bottom Line
If you are looking for a basic glucose meter which has various testing sites, lit displays, alarms and offers virtually pain-free testing, then the FreeStyle Flash is a good option to consider as it is reasonably priced for anywhere from $20 to $30. On the other hand, if you want your glucose meter to do just a little bit more, such as provide more details and be PC ready, then choosing another model such as the FreeStyle Lite might be in your best interest. Therefore, if you wish to purchase a glucose meter manufactured by Abbott Diabetes Care and you need something with a little bit more there is always the option of taking a look at the other models produced by this company to see if anything catches your eye.