Ascensia DEX 2 Glucose Meter

Ascensia DEX 2 Glucose MeterThe Ascensia DEX 2 Glucose Meter provides a sense of convenience with a 10-strip cartridge for systematic blood testing without the need to continually change strips. It is manufactured by Bayer and is often offered at no cost by companies who tie the freebie to testing supplies.

Unlike the Ascensia Elite XL this meter provides more features, buttons and averages to help you gauge your diabetic management.


•    Cover slide for display protection
•    Codes automatically
•    100 blood sugar readings can be stored
•    A test strip that draws the blood into the strip automatically
•    Compatible with specific diabetic tracking software
•    Test results available in 30 seconds
•    10-strip cartridge located inside the meter
•    Blood volume between 2.5 and 3.5 microliters
•    Each test strip cartridge is automatic calibrated.
•    Five-year warranty
•    14-day average, plus average at 6:00 AM, 12:00 noon, 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM
•    Uses two standard watch batteries for power offering approximately 1,000 tests between battery changes
•    Is rated for testing in sites other than the finger
•    Will let you know if it didn’t get enough blood for a sample

This unit combines both cost effectiveness with a feature rich interface. The end result is a well-developed meter that provides significant data along with the convenience most diabetics want in their testing equipment. The use of the 10-strip cartridge that automatically draws blood into the strip for testing are features that many diabetics will like and adds to the convenience of using this blood glucose meter.

Beyond the fact that it looks a little like the Tricorder from Star Trek this product seems a little bulky for the preferred hand-held models currently available. The unit will fit in your hand, but the bulge on either side created by the testing wheel may not be personally preferred. The amount of blood (2.5 microliters or more) is more than five times what the best meters require for testing and it may prove difficult for some diabetics to draw the larger sample. Secondarily there are many new meters on the market that offer testing times that are much shorter than the 30 seconds offered by the Ascensia DEX 2 Glucose Meter.

Bottom Line
The Ascensia DEX 2 Glucose Meter seems to be viewed as a solid choice, but not perhaps ranked among the most preferred blood glucose meters. Many users enjoy the benefits of this meter, but may wish for a model that requires less blood per sample. They may like the alternate site testing capabilities, but may wish the unit were more compact.

There is nothing wrong with the Ascensia DEX 2 Glucose Meter and many patients are entirely satisfied with the testing process. However, if a user migrates from a meter that requires a smaller blood sample they may not be happy with this unit. If you have trouble drawing a large sample then this unit may not be a good match.

Perhaps the trouble with this unit is it is not an entry-level device and it is not a high-end unit. It may be perfect as a graduated step, but less acceptable for diabetics who have experienced a top-end meter.