Ways To Increase Your Blood Sugars In An Emergency

Ways To Increase Your Blood Sugars In An Emergency: There are a number of different ways in which you can increase your blood sugar in emergencies– they are widely available, and most are not difficult to use. However, it cannot be stressed too strongly that these measures are intended for emergency situations only– they are not meant to be a substitute for being responsible about monitoring your blood sugar and keeping it stable on a consistent basis.

Whether your blood sugar problem is due to diabetes or hypoglycemia, it is wise to discuss this subject with your physician when he diagnoses your condition. The reason for this is that each person’s system is different, and therefore responds differently; so your physician may wish to recommend which specific method you should use if such an emergency arises.

One popular method of increasing low blood sugar is by the use of glucose tablets. The reasons for this method being so popular include their convenience– glucose tablets can be easily and discreetly carried in a purse or pocket; the fact that they are simple to use; and also that there is nothing unpleasant about this product in terms of its taste or aroma. Most people also appreciate the fact that glucose tablets are quite inexpensive. You can find glucose tablets in round or square forms; they are available in orange and lemon flavors. Glucose tablets are sold in pharmacies, as well as some larger grocery and department stores. For on-the-spot blood sugar emergencies, they are a very beneficial product to have on hand.

While liquid glucose is not yet as popular as glucose tablets, its use is becoming more and more prominent. One important reason for this is that you can find liquid glucose which also contains other beneficial elements. Instead of being plain, pure glucose, it will provide you with the additional benefits from vitamins E and B-complex, and magnesium and chromium minerals. As these elements contribute to overall health, the combination makes using liquid glucose for stabilizing your blood sugar a positive choice.

Glucose shots are often used for increasing blood sugar when a person is too severely affected to be able to use other methods. One example is if the person is having difficulty swallowing, or is approaching unconsciousness. Although it should be obvious, glucose shots should not be given to anyone unless their use has been advised by a physician, as the concentration of this product can cause serious complications or even death. Only a physician can recommend whether glucose shots are safe for the individual patient. With the doctor’s recommendation, and used correctly, glucose shots can save a life.

In order to be on the safe side, discuss the ways to increase your low blood sugar with your physician before any emergencies occur. After he has completely assessed your condition, he will be in the best position to advise you as to which method you should have on hand in case you have any such emergency. It is important to keep in mind, however, that monitoring your blood sugar and keeping it as stable as possible is the best way to avoid emergencies.