Raymond Kroc

Raymond KrocRaymond Kroc was born in 1902 from Chicago, Illinois. Kroc never finished high school, he drove an ambulance during World War 1 and he played jazz after the war. However, most individual may remember Kroc as the man that bought the first MacDonald’s restaurant. Kroc being a successful businessman approached the McDonald’s brothers with an offer they could not refuse. The brothers agreed to sell the name and the business to Kroc as long as he kept of the quality that they had worked hard to produce. In 1955, the first McDonald’s chain began in Illinois. Raymond Kroc died in 1984, a few days before his franchise sold its 50th billion hamburger.

Kroc launched the Kroc Foundation in 1969 to assist in research for diabetes, arthritis and multiple sclerosis. The Ronald McDonald house was created for families of children to have a place to stay during hospital visits. Kroc stood for families, community and a helping hand. He felt that the community should be thanked for their support.

Author: Staff Writers

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