Esther Rolle

esther rolle and diabetesEster Rolle was born in 1920, native of Pompano Beach, California. Through her life she was a star. Her career choices took her to stage, film as well as TV rolls. Rolle’s stage appearances include “Don’t Play Us Cheap”. Her movie career had hits like, “Train Ride”. However, Rolle’s most memorable performance was in the 70s TV show, “Good Times”. Ester Rolle died in 1998 of complications from diabetes. She was 78 years old.

The world lost another famous diabetic when Ester Rolle died in 1998. She was battling through her health problems up until the end. Even though Rolle’s played a maid in two popular television programs, she made a promise to her father. Rolle’s kept that promise to the very end; she swore that she would never be a maid in real life.