The Future Of Diabetes Management: The Implantable Chip

The Future Of Diabetes Management – The Implantable Chip: You may have heard both pro’s and con’s on the subject of a new implantable chip for diabetes management. If you are thinking about the possibility of using this product yourself, you can begin by considering its purpose. After you have all of the facts, you will be well-informed when you discuss the subject with your physician.

Most people who have been living with diabetes are already quite familiar with the drawbacks of the methods of diabetes management which have been widely used for a long time. The most widely-used method– that of collecting a small sample of blood from a needle-prick– is quite unpleasant for a number of reasons. It involves some degree of discomfort or pain, it can be a bit messy, it is inconvenient in terms of taking the time from whatever one is doing to perform this test on a frequent basis, and to some people it is embarrassing to have to perform this test around others. In addition, even the basic process involving needles and blood is very distasteful for many people, especially youngsters.

The old-fashioned method of testing for glucose in the urine with special test-strips or urine sticks still has its followers. The fact, however, is that this method is unreliable and often inaccurate; patients who rely on this method are putting their health at risk, especially those whose diabetes management needs to be precise.

Carrying and using a small glucose monitoring tool is also bothersome to many people. Even though it is much simpler and neater than the finger-prick method, this method also means taking the time– in many cases a number of times throughout each day– to conduct the test. School children and business people alike would often prefer a method which is not so obvious and did not take so much time out of their days.

In 2006, a patent was given a microchip which can end all of those concerns surrounding these methods of diabetes management. This microchip can detect the amount of glucose in a person’s blood, and will then transmit this information to a wireless scanner where it can be easily read by the patient. All it will take are some basic instructions, and monitoring one’s own glucose level with this product will be simple and accurate.

This innovative little device is an amazing breakthrough for the aid of glucose monitoring. Not only will this implantable chip rid diabetics of all of the inconveniences and distasteful factors of the long-popular diabetes management methods, it is reported to be the most accurate glucose monitoring method available for a patient’s own use.

Thus far, the only negative aspect connected to an implantable chip is that some people have stated that they dislike the idea of something being implanted in them. It is hopeful, though, that this concern will begin to vanish when more and more diabetics have had the opportunity to use this product and attest to both its ease of use and its wonderful effectiveness.