Salsalate who is cousin to a well known heart attack medicine Aspirin has been found very effective for reducing glucose levels. Salsalate is a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug that is very similar to Aspirin and even shows some of the same effects that Aspirin does but it does not cause the issues of stomach bleeding that has been associated with Aspirin. Before Salsalate was known for its good influence on reducing glucose levels it was most commonly known for the treatment of arthritis.

In findings located from the Harvard Medical School’s Joslin Diabetes Center, it is clear that salsalate has had an inspiring impact on patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Their blood sugar levels lowered tremendously, especially those who were obese and who had Type 2 diabetes. The study in which was done showed that the twenty patients who took this medication for a month straight were already showing lowered glucose levels.

Because Salsalate has always been found as a non-threatening/safe to use drug, many researchers are happy that the results are proving to be positive. So many harmful drugs are put out on the market with high risks of other harmful side effects or worse, even when someone dies because of the harmful drugs. Salsalate has been on the market for over forty years and seems very much to be living up to its standards.

Since Aspirin for so many years helped to lower glucose levels researchers wanted to find something similar to it that would take the side effect of the bleeding stomach away. This is how they found Salsalate as a responding drug to lower glucose blood levels and helping those who had Type 2 diabetes to feel just a little bit better.

When the Harvard Medical School’s Joslin Diabetes Center did another research, this time using patients who were in their 20’s they found some more exciting results. The patients were given four grams of salsalate daily for a month and with this the treatment method was noticed right away in it’s efforts to help cut down glucose levels by 13% and to also help a reduction of 20% in the blood sugar response to the oral glucose tolerance test.

The oral glucose tolerance test measures the body’s ability to control its glucose once a diabetic patient inhabits a certain amount of glucose. This is how they test people for the diabetes illness whether they have Type 1 or Type 2 will not matter, this test will show the doctor what they need to see.

Along with salsalate’s need to help decrease glucose levels it also can help insulin work more profoundly. Those who have taken this drug complain about just one really annoying symptom, ringing in the ears. As annoying as that can sometimes be and on such a constant basis, many patients would rather deal with the ringing then take large quantities of Aspirin and then end up with more problems with their stomach bleeding. I honestly can say I can’t really blame then for that.

With all the studies that have been done to prove salsalate as a marketable drug for diabetes it has been said that if it’s good efforts continues then salsalate will be added to the armamentatuim of anti-diabetic drugs. Salsalate had proved its worth out there on the market; it’s about the same as Aspirin without the severity of stomach bleeding. Some people are still very uncertain about medicinal drugs and prefer herbal drugs. I can understand that and tell you the truth I prefer herbal drugs myself but sometimes medicinal are far more helpful. However, if you are looking for an herb to help you reduce glucose level, cinnamon is a fantastic one.