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januviaJanuvia is a once daily solution for type 2 diabetes. An individual that has been diagnosed with type 1, should not take this kind of tablet. With the correct lifestyle change of diet and exercise, this pill can control and maintain safe levels of glucose in the system. It works with the pancreas to provide enough insulin naturally. It enhances the need to digest harmful sugars and carbohydrates in the system quickly and effectively. An individual can safely use the Januvia with other diabetes medication. However, never mix medications without prior consent for an individual’s doctor. Long-term damage can happen if the proper medication is not taken. This medication has not been tested with an insulin treatment.

An individual will discuss with their doctor on the finer points of taking this medication. A medical care provider may lower or up the dose. This depends on the individual’s system requirements as well as lifestyle. With controlled diet and exercise, this pill may be the only medication that is needed. The doctor will decide on the correct treatment for each individual’s case. There is certain information that a person should be aware of when they use the Januvia tablets.

  1. An individual that has had allergic reactions to diabetes medication should talk this over with their doctor. These are fairly rare but can be extremely dangerous.
  2. A person with problems with their kidneys should discuss this matter with their physician. Tests and adjustments to the medication may be need. In more severe cases, Januvia cannot be taken.
  3. When a woman is pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, the doctor should know. However, there are no known effects on an unborn baby when taking Januvia tablets. Nevertheless, this medication can be found in the mother’s milk. This can be harmful to a nursing infant. Consult a doctor on this matter for the best course of action.
  4. This medication does not need to be taken with food. However, it is vital to follow the physician’s instruction to a tee. It is also important to store these tablets in a dry, cool area. Do not refrigerate and keep away from heat and light sources.

An individual may experience mild side effects when taking the Januvia medication. It is important that the medical care provide has all of the patient’s history documentation. Side effects are usually rare; however some mild symptoms may appear. If an individual experiences anything out of the ordinary or symptoms persist, contact a doctor immediately. Most of the side effects are mild. Usually, these symptoms will leave by themselves. Typically, they do not bother an individual enough to stop taking the Januvia medication.

  1. Cold like symptoms can be present in the Januvia medication side effects. This is fairly common. It is important that a person does not take over-the-counter cold medication without first asking their doctor. If this persists longer than a common cold, an individual may wish to seek medical advice.
  2. Infections may occur and cause trouble breathing or a person may wheeze. This is a common problem, however if this becomes worse or lasts for a long period of time, seek medical advice.
  3. Headaches can come and go when taking the Januvia medication. If severe pain is present, seek medical attention right away. The mild headaches can be relieved for certain over-the-counter pills. Ask the doctor in charge on which kind should be consumed.
  4. Stomach problems may occur. However, the conditions are usually light and will go away on their own. If discomfort or severe pain is continuous, seek a physician’s assistance.

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