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If you are a diabetic and have diabetes type 2, then you may be on medication right now to help control your sugar blood levels. Avandaryl is a combination of two oral diabetes medicines that can help you do just that. If you do not use daily insulin and your body produces some insulin, Avandaryl might be right for you. This medicine is not for type 1 diabetes. Before you decide on Avandaryl you may want to talk your doctor about existing conditions. If you had congestive heart failure or any form of heart disease such as a heart attack or stroke you should probably stay away from this medication. Your kidney and adrenal glands must be in perfect health and your eyes must be correctable and not affected by diabetes.

Diet and exercise are the best way to bring down your problems with blood sugar levels. If diet and exercise did not help and you are not bringing your blood sugar levels to an appropriate level, then you should talk to your doctor about taking Avandaryl. When you are taking Avandaryl take the medicine exactly as the doctor prescribed. Do not start or stop taking the medication without the doctor’s permission. You need to monitor your blood sugar levels at all times and if you experience the symptoms of hypoglycemia you need to be act appropriately. Type 2 Diabetes is a serious disorder and if you do not take care of yourself you can set yourself up for diabetic complications such as loss of eyesight, amputation, and in the worst case scenario, death.

When taking Avandaryl you really should be aware of the interactions with other drugs. Certain medication can cause your blood sugar to elevate and if you take them with Avandaryl been you could have some complications. If you are taking diuretics or steroids either stop taking them or consult your doctor to find out how they will interact with your Avandaryl. Birth control pills, seizure medicines, and hormones raise blood sugar levels and does not react well with Avandaryl. If you have a cold you should not treat the cold, asthma, or other allergies with the nonprescription drugs unless you know the exact interaction with Avandaryl.

Avandaryl can help you reduce your blood sugar levels and help you maintain a healthy life. The medications could be prescribed with other medications that will give the diabetes a 1-2 punch that will maintain your sugar levels and at the same time give your insulin receptors more sensitivity to produce more or less insulin. If you feel that you are becoming hypoglycemic and you are starting to get a headache or your hands began to tremble, call your doctor immediately, and report these conditions. Also keep a source of sugar around at all times so that you can treat any hyperglycemic symptoms. Avandaryl is just a treatment for diabetes type 2 and is not a cure. You must maintain a regiment of diet and exercise more this medicine to work to its fullest advantage.

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