Emulin: Compound Helps Body To Metabolize Sugar

Emulin - Compound Helps Body To Metabolize Sugar

Two local scientists from Winter Haven, FL have made a discovery that could take the diabetic world by storm. The discovery is Emulin.

Within the U.S. 23.7 million diabetics roam around while another 250 million roam around worldwide. This compound is meant to target diabetics and help them find a way to bring those glucose levels down. Emulin is also meant to help people who are at risk for diabetes via hereditary possibilities, obesity chances or/and other factors to become less of a risk in developing diabetes as a whole. Consumers can now buy for the very first time, compound known as Emulin that can help the body to metabolize sugar. Emulin can be purchased online through Basic Brands Inc. or at any GNC store.

“We’re making steady progress,” Joseph Ahrens said. “We can now say this is the first time Emulin is available to the public, and we’re pretty pumped about it.”

Emulin is completely natural, made from tropical fruits like grapes, mixed berries and citrus fruit. The compound works by assisting seven enzymes in the human body that metabolizes carbohydrates, which in turn lowers blood sugar levels.

Emulin Founders

Founders Joseph Ahrens and Daryl Thompson first announced their discovery in 2009. Within this period of time, they had a six-figure deal to license Emulin to a British Company, which is the world’s largest supplier of sugar and other food additives. Due to the contract between the two companies, the name of the company is not permitted to be shown.

The initial plan for Emulin was to be used as a food additive so that research could be continued. However, that plan was changed when the Emulin was pitched to some of the biggest beverage, food and bakery companies known world-wide.

“They told us they first wanted to see how it performed as a supplement,” Thompson said. “That surprised Joe and me.” This was said because scientists believe that by adding Emulin into sugary products it would admit to the world that sugar causes diabetes. They are afraid that the consumers will then turn around and blame them. This became the case in 1985, when the “New Coke” was released among the public. Later, it happened again with anti-obesity supplements “Fen-Phen”, which was linked to heart problems and “Synephrine”, which was linked to an increase of heart disease and stroke.

However, Emulin does not have these same risks and is actually quite healthier. It does not increase metabolism, like these anti-obesity supplements did.

“You’re forcing the body into overdrive, and that can cause heart attacks,” Ahrens said. “We’re not forcing anything on the body. It works with the body’s natural mechanism to manage sugar.”

Clinical Trials – PubMed.Gov

Emulin has passed a “phase one clinical trial”, which was completed by DGD Research of San Antonio, Texas. This trial concluded that Emulin, with Metformin, which is the most widely prescribed diabetic drug, reduced blood sugar by 20 percent or more. DGD Endocrinologist Mark Kipnes conducted the trial on 40 Type II diabetics. “If you can have that additive effect, it’s a great thing. It’s appealing because it’s made from Mother Nature.”

While Emulin is becoming more popular by the minute, the two scientists have more work to do to find out if Emulin can be used as a scientific treatment.

Author: Staff Writers

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