Answering the Eternal Carb Question

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In some diabetic circles the mere mention of the word carbohydrates can send off massive internal alarms. However, it may be possible that certain carbs may actually be beneficial once you understand how they deliver blood sugar to your system.

There are many carbs that flood your system with excess blood glucose. This can be especially difficult for diabetics, which is why there tends to be an intentional shift away from carbs in most instances.

The good news is there may be carb alternatives that can assist in the management of blood glucose due to their ability to act in a time released way. For instance plain white bread delivers carbs quickly to your system while dark whole-grained breads deliver valuable fiber while minimizing the potential of glucose overload due to carbs.

Interestingly pasta may actually better for you than rice when it comes to carbs simply because rice provide a quick release of blood glucose that can overload your system. Pasta may still not be the absolute best alternative, but you can offset this struggle by electing to use whole-wheat pasta that provides an incredible alternative low in glucose.

Sometimes those who aren’t diabetic tend to believe that it is sugar that causes the majority of problems for those who have diabetes. The truth is the carbs found in candy are the real culprit. There needs to be a distinction between sugar and blood glucose. Sugar doesn’t automatically become blood sugar. It is excess carbs that create the excess blood glucose. As far as fruit is concerned the worst offender in high carbs is watermelon. This is important to note simply because most dietitians will suggest fruit is something a diabetic can have within a regulated diet.

In those who are either not diabetic or prediabetic the role of carbs can play an important role in determine how best to eat for the greatest long-term benefits. It simply makes sense for all of us to work at keeping blood sugars from spiking, and one of the best ways to manage this is through education.

For those wanting to get a better handle on their glycemic index it just makes sense to work at regulating a diet that aids in digestion and long-term health.

For those who have diabetes it makes sense to follow a low-glycemic diet, Research indicates there is a decreased reliance on medication for those who follow such a management plan.

One of the most violent carb offenders is the potato. These white starch filled veggies add an immediate boost to your glycemic index and can leave you feeling a little sluggish.

Soluble fiber can be a great friend to the diabetic if for no other reason than the fiber is useful in the digestion of carbohydrates. Again, there are carbs that may be acceptable to eat, and added fiber can further reduce the impact of carbs.

If all of this seems to be a bit too much you need to know that it is knowledge that can allow you to not only understand the disease of diabetes, but also the opportunity to mitigate the damage and bring a better sense of order to your personally directed self management care.

Following this advice could result in a decrease in the instance of diabetes, heart disease as well as aiding in weight reduction goals.

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