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American Diabetes AssociationThe American Diabetes Association has one mission and that is to prevent and cure diabetes. While they work on that, they also are working on improving the lives of everyone who is affected by diabetes.

Diabetes is when your body does not produce or properly use insulin. Insulin is the hormones that is used to change sugar, and starches into energy for your body’s cells. Today there are nearly 20.8 million people in the US, both adults and children that have diabetes. If you do the math you will see that it comes out to nearly 7% of our population. The American Diabetes Association wants to see this number drop down.

In order to see this number drop down, The American Diabetes Association not only helps those who have already been diagnosed, they also show ways that it can be prevented. They offer a diabetes risk test which will ask you questions concerning your weight, and whether or not you have a sibling or a parent who suffers from diabetes. They also show you how to prevent diabetes by eating healthy and exercising. They know that thirty minutes a day of moderate physical activity combined with a 5-10% weight loss can reduce the chance of diabetes nearly 85%.

More and more people today are starting to utilize what the American Diabetes Association has to offer. Last year alone nearly thirty five thousand people called the American Diabetes Association with questions, concerns and general support. This number not only included people who have been diagnosed with diabetes but also people who have a loved one who is recently been diagnosed.

Another plus about the American Diabetes Association is the amount of support they do for diabetes research. In 2006 they provided nearly 46.4 million dollars. They also offer research grant applications so that scientists and researches can continue to investigate every option regarding diabetes and the treatment and prevention of it.

For those of you who might be trying to lose weight to better manage your diabetes, they have a section for you also. You can visit a virtual cookbook and find hundreds of recipes that have been taken from their cookbooks. They give you the exchanges and the nutritional information right there on the recipe. They also give you healthy alternatives to juice drinks such as cranberry spritzer.

The American Diabetes Association also organizes many fundraisers. In fact, each year thousands of people participate in their events and fundraisers. You can find a community based program and also learn how to organize walks in your local area.

The American Diabetes Association is a live saver for so many people. You can educate yourself there on this disease and also talk to people who are either suffering from diabetes themselves or they have a loved one who is going through it. You can read about the latest break through in diabetes research.

When you join the American Diabetes Association you will receive support, and more importantly the American Diabetes Association Annual Resource Guide for Diabetes Supplies. This book will help you shop for diabetes products that you may need.

The American Diabetes Association wants to help squash out diabetes. They are the ones who give the many nameless diabetics a voice.

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