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Minimed Paradigm 722 Insulin Pump

Minimed Paradigm 722 Insulin PumpThe Minimed Paradigm 722 insulin pump is a real-time system. An individual will be able to control and manage their diabetes better than before. When diet and exercise alone cannot control ones diabetes and they need insulin injections, this machine is for them. With an insulin pump, a person will have the freedom and privacy to manage their insulin like never before. The real-time options can assist a person in checking their blood sugar levels without pricking their finger. These selections monitor the glucose levels throughout the day. It can give up-to-date readings. When a person is beginning a new regiment with medicine and diet, checking blood sugar levels often is vital. However, the old fashioned way can be bothersome as well as painful. The Minimed Paradigm 722 system can relieve this problem. There are several benefits and features associated with this insulin pump.

When an individual first obtains this machine, they may be overwhelmed with all the options. The insulin pump comes with an extensive user guide to explain all the settings in detail. This machine can be setup in a matter of a few minutes. The features of the Minimed Paradigm 722 insulin pump are as follows:

  1. The product is small as well as lightweight. An individual will have no problem keeping the device hidden from view. The screen is easy to read, especially for individuals that have poor eyesight.
  2. This device monitors an individual’s blood sugar levels throughout the day. Every 5 minutes a new reading will appear. This will assist in being completely sure that the levels are in a safe range.
  3. The Minimed Paradigm 722 is equipped with graphs that allow a person to see which way the direction of the glucose is moving.
  4. This machine has a bolus calculator. The device will suggest the correct dose for a person’s unique settings as well as food intake.
  5. Alarms are present in this insulin pump. A person will know exactly when their medicine is running low, their battery is almost dead or when their settings are incorrect. The insulin pump can beep or vibrate. It is suggested that when an individual is sleeping, they use the beeping method.
  6. The machine checks for mistakes and has a safety feature that protects the individual throughout the day. This technique is constantly monitoring an individual’s system and will alert when a problem arises.

The benefits for the Minimed Paradigm 722 are plentiful. An individual will be able to customize this machine to their personal style and personality.

  1. This machine can come in 4 colors. This will allow for originality and personal style. An individual can match their clothing, purse or even their beloved pet.
  2. A person will have the freedom to swim, shower or take a bath without concern that the machine will be ruined. This device can be immerged in water for up to 30 minutes.
  3. Batteries can be fairly expensive. However, the Minimed Paradigm 722 is rechargeable. With a full charge, the device can work for about 14-days non-stop.
  4. For added privacy, an individual can obtain a remote control. This option allows a person to change their setting without drawing attention to their insulin pump.
  5. An individual will receive 24 hours a day customer support. These individuals are trained professional willing to assist in any questions or concerns a person may have.
  6. Software services are available as well. An individual can use their PC to keep records and progress of their therapy. This is also an excellent method in showing an individual’s doctor reports each visit.

Animas IR-1000 Insulin Pump

animas ir 1000 insulin pumpThe Animas IR-1000 is designed for individuals that need insulin. Diabetes cannot always be controlled by diet and exercise. Sometimes injections are a part of life. However, an insulin pump can be a wonderful method in controlling and maintaining an individual’s diabetes. These machines are designed to pump insulin into the body when a person needs it the most. There are several functions and benefits associated with the Animas IR-1000 insulin pump. The product comes with a straightforward user guide that will allow an individual to become familiar with the device quickly. These manuals can also be found on the internet as well. Programming the Animas IR-1000 is a simple process and can be easily achieved. Within minutes, a person can begin using their new machine.

The Animas Corporation is a leading manufacturer of insulin pumps. There are several models available to choose from. An individual will have various functions to program for their body type and special needs. The functions are as follows:

1. The Animas IR-1000 has a smaller display screen than their other products. Nevertheless, the scroll buttons are large and will make it simple to move between options.

2. This machine is fairly light weight with the battery as well as the cartridge in place. An individual will be able to carry it with them at all times without any hassle.

3. The cartridge for this machine can hold up to 300 units of insulin. This holds more medicine than others of this style.

4. This device can be programmed up to 4 different rates of basal. As well as an override system. An individual should discuss the basal and bolus rates with their medical care provider.

5. The Animas IR-1000 performs large amounts of safety checks each minute. This will allow an individual the protection they deserve from a malfunction or a mistake in programming.

6. There are several alarms in place to assist an individual. A person will be able to know exactly when the battery is running low, when the cartridge needs to be replaced or when the proper medication has not be dispensed because of glucose levels.

7. This machine requires 4, 1.5v oxide batteries. When they begin to run low, an alarm will sound.

The Animas IR-1000 has several benefits that an individual can use to make their lifestyle simpler. These options will allow a person to customize and control their diabetes more efficiently. The benefits are as follows:

1. The Animas IR-1000 has a self-explanatory menu system. An individual will never have to program hard to remember pieces of information. It is a drop-down box that is simple to control.

2. An individual is able to download their personal information and records to their PC without much effort. This is a wonderful method in keeping track of information that can be shown to the medical provider.

3. This device can be completely customizable. An individual will be able to find different styles and themes of insulin pump covers.

4. The Animas IR-1000 is completely waterproof for up to 12 hours. An individual will have the freedom to swim or shower without worry of the machine.

5. Static electricity is not a problem with this insulin pump. It has a coating to make sure that this does not short out or harm the pump in any way.

6. An individual will obtain 24 hour a day customer support. These individuals are medically trained professionals. A person can contact them any time day or night with a questions or concern they may have.

7. The Animas IR-1000 is equipped with a white light. This is designed for an individual that may have trouble seeing or in a darkly lit environment.

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Animas IR-1200 Insulin Pump

Animas IR-1200 Insulin PumpThe Animas IR-1200 insulin pump is designed for individuals that need insulin injections throughout the day. The kinds of machines that are used to assist a person in controlling their diabetes are plentiful. However, the Animas Corporation is a leading manufacturer in this type of product. It can be difficult to control diabetes with all of the information that needs to be remembered. Diet and exercise alone may not always be enough. Some people may have problems giving themselves injections or remembering to do so. The Animas IR-1200 insulin pump will allow an individual a choice in their diabetes regiment. There are several benefits and features that the Animas IR-1200 provides to the consumer.

This type of insulin pump is simple to use and straightforward to program. The product is presented with easy to understand instructions. The features for the Animas IR-1200 series are as follows:

  1. This type of insulin pump is fairly small as well as light weight.
  2. Even though the product is tiny, the display screen can be easily seen. This is helpful for individuals that have a difficult time seeing as well as less scrolling through the options.
  3. The Animas IR-1200 is equipped with a lithium battery. An individual may also use an alkaline battery as well. The machine is energy efficient. A Lithium battery could last for approximately 8 weeks while the alkaline remains active for approximately 3 weeks.
  4. It is completely configurable to an individual’s special needs.
  5. The Animas IR-1200 has a menu to change the Bolus and Basal settings. A medical professional will discuss the proper adjustments according to a person’s requirements.
  6. This machine can calculate carbohydrates in various forms.
  7. It has several reminder features as well.

The Animas IR-1200 series has several benefits to assist in various aspects of their diabetic needs. A person can literally let this machine take control of a person’s diabetes. There are options an individual can set that will allow them the freedom to forget that they are equipped with an insulin pump until they need to change the batteries or an option. The benefits for the Animas IR-1200 are as follows:

  1. This insulin pump is waterproof for up to 24 hours. A person will have the freedom to swim and still obtain the required amount of insulin they need.
  2. Several alarms are present in the Animas IR-1200 series. These warning signs allow a person to know when the battery is almost dead, when the cartridge is just about empty as well as other safeguard systems. The safeguarding techniques can be helpful if an option is regulated incorrectly.
  3. The alarms can be customized to an individual’s preference. As well as a vibrating feature. It is suggested that when sleeping, the alarm is not set to vibrate.
  4. This insulin pump has around-the-clock customer service. If an individual has a question or a problem with their machine, a trained professional can assist them.
  5. The instructions are step-by-step for simple configuration.
  6. An individual will be able to customize the appearance of the insulin pump to their liking. Several styles and colors are available. This is fantastic to be able to display the insulin pump in any design imaginable.

The Animas IR-1200 is a fabulous tool that can be a comfort for individuals that have diabetes. It is important to remember to follow all instructions to a tee and follow the doctor’s orders. If any questions arise, ask them right away through the customer service number or a personal medical professional. The machine is designed for complete customization and can be a wonderful means of controlling diabetes.

Animas IR-1250 Insulin Pump

Animas IR-1250 Insulin PumpThe Animas Corporation is a leading supplier of insulin pumps. These products are designed for individuals that must take insulin for their diabetes. A person can use these devices to control and maintain their insulin intake with a few easy to follow steps. The Animas IR-1250 insulin pump has several benefits and features that will allow an individual to obtain insulin without much effort. This type of product is still on the market today with glowing responses. An individual can acquire this machine and begin using it right away. The Animas IR-1250 comes with simple to understand instructions that can assist anyone with setting up their machine quickly.

In 2005, the Animas Corporation publicly announced that the IR-1250 model of insulin pumps had a bug in the programming. It was brought to their attention because of a complaint from a consumer. They stated that the meter was not functioning properly. The corporation then discovered that other problems were occurring, such as the alarm functions. They volunteered a recall of these items in the best interest of their patients. Nevertheless, no adverse or harmful effects were ever reported. A couple of months later, the Animas Corporation fixed the bug and replaced all of the defected machines.

There are several functions that the Animas IR-1250 presents. A detailed user manual is packaged with the machine for simple convenience. However, this same guide can be found around the internet as well. The functions for the Animas IR-1250 are as follows:

  1. This machine is small and light weight for added convenience.
  2. The batteries for this device can be a lithium or alkaline. An Animas IR-1250 insulin pump is energy efficient. These batteries can last for up to 8 weeks at a time.
  3. An individual will be able to set up several programs with the basal rates as well as the bolus rates. These are determined by the individual’s personal needs. A medical professional will assist in this matter.
  4. Various types of alarms can be found on the Animas IR-1250 device. These can include low insulin, over medicated and low battery alarms. They are user configured and can be set to vibrate. However, it is suggested that a person does not set this to vibrate during sleep.
  5. Several calculators are present within the device. A person will be able to count carbs, set up an on-the-go meal plan and correct bolus rates. This is a fantastic feature that assists a person to plan ahead as well as remember their food intake.
  6. The display screen is large enough to read with poor eyesight as well as less scrolling.

The benefits of the Animas IR-1250 are plentiful. There are several options that a person can use to customize their insulin pump to their personal tastes.

  1. The device is waterproof for up to 24 hours. An individual will be able to swim or shower without any worries about harming the pump.
  2. An individual will be able to change the appearance of the machine. It comes in several styles and colors for a person’s unique tastes.
  3. The Animas Corporation has a 24 hour a day helpline. These trained medical professionals can assist in any questions or concerns one may have about the product.
  4. There is a download and upload service that a person can use to obtain different alarm sounds, keep personal information, program basal options and store the pump settings. This is a fantastic method in keeping important information secure as well as more customizable options for an individual’s personal style.