The Soft Touch Lancet Giving You The Right Touch

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Soft Touch LancetThe Soft Touch lancet uses a 28 gauge needle with a flat cap. This lancet is good to use for children. It has been compared to the BD Ultra-Fine lancet. Both lancets are favored in high regard.

Even though the need on this lancet is thin, the Soft Touch lancet was able to make a blood specimen good enough to use for one of the blood glucose meters. You don’t find a lot of large lancets available anymore.

The Soft Touch lancet is made to be used with the Adjustable Soft Touch lancing device. This device is an improved version of the regular lancing device on the market. This lancing device is almost the size of a writing pen.

It is so light, you can pick it up with your finger. It has also shown to be favored for children to use. In addition to the Soft Touch lancets, the Adjustable Soft Touch lancing device can use the BD Ultra Fine II and ComforTouch lancets.

To operate the Adjustable Soft Touch lancing device, remove the top and you will see the lancet holder. This lancet holder comes with a spring. The lancets are placed in the holder and you push your finger to keep the lancets down. When the safety top is removed, the original top is secured on the lancing device. The lancing device is made with five lancing measurements.

When you’re ready to cock the lancing device, you’ll hear a click when you separate the top and bottom of the lancing device. The trigger will be up in the lancing device. This signals that it is properly cocked. You don’t need to exert a lot of strength to let go of the trigger.

After your blood glucose test, remove the top and the lancet. To do this properly, you have to grip on the lancet while the tip is shown. If children are doing this, make sure they know how to do it and avoid injury or infection.

If possible, there should be an adult supervising at least for the first few times. The lancet holder should not be moved while removing the lancet. This way, the lancet holder will still be in place.

The lancet holder is usually the first part of the lancing device to give way and break. It can either be classified as an actual break or a crack in the device. This happens when you’re not holding your lancets properly. Also, the lancet holder may not be using the best material for the device.

You can always get a replacement device should yours happen to go bad. The lancing devices usually come with a five year warranty.

Because of the many great features of the Adjustable Soft Touch lancing device, it is recommended as a good tool to use for blood glucose testing. It is easy to use and the Soft Touch lancet works well with it. The Soft Touch lancet is different in that it is sturdy and reliable. It is recommended to use for adults and children.

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