The BD Ultra-Fine II Lancet An Easier Way To Test

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BD Ultra-Fine II LancetOne of the thinnest gauges available in the BD (Becton Dickinson) product lineup is the BD Ultra-Fine II Lancet. The lancets can be purchased in 30 or 33 gauges, with the 33 gauge being the thinner of the two.

The gauges that was most used was the 30, but now with the 33 gauge in the running, it may surpass the former. The BD Ultra-Fine Lancet is good to use for people who were using uncomfortable lancets while testing the blood glucose level.

At the time, the gauges could be used for the BD Logic blood glucose meters. The BD Logic is made similar to a regular blood glucose device. This blood glucose device is made where you can easily hold it in your hand. There are test strips that come with this and they are easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to test your blood glucose with this device.

The BD Logic was also affiliated with the BD Lancet Device. The 33-gauge BD Ultra-Fine II Lancets were used with this. These lancets are good to use, especially since a small amount of your blood is needed for testing. In addition to that, the BD Logic devices had a cap that cane with the lancets. This additional accessory was free with your blood glucose device.

Several years ago, the BD Logic was removed from the market, so it is no longer available for use with the BD Ultra-Fine II Lancets.

In several tests, the BD Ultra-Fine II Lancet was proven to provide more comfort and less pain while testing. More people wanted this lancet as opposed to the other lancets they were using for that purpose. The BD Ultra-Fine Lancet is similar to other lancing instruments used.

This lancet is made to make injections easier for your skin. It also goes through an electro-polishing process, which makes the lancet of high quality. This process also is responsible for taking out pieces that don’t belong in the instrument. When doing this, this helps to make the injection a smooth process and doesn’t put pressure to make the needle go into your skin.

The BD Ultra-Fine II Lancets can be used by children. As long as they follow the instructions, it will work for them. However, they still may need assistance from an adult.

Another thing about these lancets is that you have to be able to distinguish an old lancet from one that hasn’t been used. You won’t be able to tell the difference just by looking at it. That might be a small issue for children that use these lancets.

Because this lancet is shaped like a cylinder, it is one of the easiest lancets on the market to use. You don’t have to do anything extra or special to make it work for you. Just follow the directions and you’re all set.

Becton Dickinson has a consumer program where they send out millions of BD Ultra-Fine II Lancets. They are available for both healthcare personnel and consumers to try. This way, you’ll know whether or not this lancet is for you.

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