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Type 2 Diabetes: Protective Mutation Gene Identified

Type 2 Diabetes: Protective Mutation Gene Identified

Type 2 Diabetes: Protective Mutation Gene Identified

Type 2 Diabetes affects over 300 million people globally and that number increases every year. While many people can adjust their lifestyles or even take medication to control diabetes, there is no cure for diabetes as a whole. However, medical science has come far in recent years in finding a better way to manage blood sugar.

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Our New

Our New Social Community

We have been working hard lately to better our diabetes discussion group site We have added groups, forums and a blog. You can now sign up for free, create a profile, add a picture, join groups and discussions as well as talk to and meet others with Diabetes. was originally founded in 2006 to help people with diabetes. Our free membership grew quickly, and in 2007, we launched, a publication that reports on diabetes news, research findings and the latest diets.

We hope you’ll join today and help us and others learn about diabetes and how we can manage our lives better.

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A New Makeover for Nutrition Labels?

A New Makeover for Nutrition Labels

A New Makeover for Nutrition Labels Is On Its Way

Most people look at nutrition labels and become quite confused about what is actually in the foods they are buying. Due to a new makeover, confusing nutrition labels just might be a thing of the past.

The Food and Drug Administration announced on February 27th, 2014 that there is a proposed change to nutrition labels, which will be the very first overhaul in over 20 years. The new labels proposed will show more calories and added sugars. This will make calorie counting easier while helping to highlight those sneaky sugars that slide right past the radar. It will also change required serving sizes like soda.

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Moderate Exercise Decreases Risk of Stroke in Women

Moderate Exercise Decreases Risk of Stroke in WomenWhile many women find a need to exercise religiously, it may not be helping as much as they think. Researchers reveal that exercising moderately is more helpful to avoiding stroke than exercising heavily. In fact, moderate exercise such as playing tennis or walking briskly can cut a woman’s stroke risk by 20 percent while also helping to offset the increased risk of a possible stroke caused by postmenopausal hormone therapy.

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New Study Shows Skin Cells Creating Insulin-Producing Cells

New Study Shows Skin Cells Creating Insulin-Producing CellsScientists as the Gladstone Institutes are looking into the power of regenerative medicine. Through the use of animal models, scientists have developed a technique that can regenerate cells that were destroyed by diabetes in the first place. The long term goal of this new study is to assist people who have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes to find a way to treat their diabetes without the use of life-long injections.

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New Study Shows Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy

New Study Allows Treatment For RetinopathyDiabetic retinopathy, a leading cause in adult blindness affects more than a quarter of adults with diabetes and threatens the vision of an estimated 600,000 more in the United States. However, there may now be new treatment options available.

Dopamine-restoring drugs which are currently used to treat Parkinson’s disease may an answer where blindness happens due to diabetic retinopathy.

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Free Glucose Meter Offer

free glucose meter offerThe free glucose meter offer is back on our website. From time to time we get these offers and post them when they become available. It’s been a while since we’ve had one so we wanted to let everyone know. The offer is good for US residents that are under the age of 65. This promotion is going through a third party company and any questions can go through them after you sign up.

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