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glucolet 2 lancing device review

Glucolet 2 Lancing Device

If you are in the market for a new blood-testing device, you may like to hear about the Glucolet 2 Lancing device made by Bayer. The more you know in advance about a product, the more likely you will be to choose the device that is the most appropriate for you and your own personal needs.

Each blood-testing product has both positive and negative aspects. If you know which qualities are the most important to you, this is the first step toward selecting the one specific device that you will consider to be the most appropriate for you.

Glucolet 2 Positives

One of the most beneficial characteristics of the Glucolet 2 is that it will provide a wonderful degree of ease in carrying it with you throughout the day. If you have a busy or an active lifestyle, you will probably find this feature to be very helpful. The Glucolet 2 is one of the smallest, most compact devices that you can buy. Its size, light weight, and handy clip all add up to the Glucolet 2 being portable and convenient.

  • Small size
  • Light weight
  • Handy clip
  • Portable
  • Convenient

Glucolet 2 Negatives

The Glucolet 2 does contain a number of more negative characteristics which you should bear in mind if you are thinking about buying this product. One such characteristic is that this device is designed to be used only with one specific size lancet. If this larger-sized lancet would be uncomfortable for you to use, this factor alone will mean this device will not be to your liking. The ultra-fine lancets, which many diabetics prefer, cannot be used with the Glucolet 2.

Another factor of the Glucolet 2 is that using it will require a great deal of effort. The amount of pressure required to both cock and release the trigger makes this device an undesirable choice for many diabetics. Children and elderly persons, especially, may find this product quite difficult to use.

  • Doesn’t use ultra-fine lancets
  • Amount of pressure needed

Glucolet 2 Safety Factors

For diabetics who consider the safety factor to be very important, the Glucolet 2 will probably not meet their standards. Removing and disposing of used lancets require the user to do this process by hand. When a child must handle his used needles in order to dispose of them, it significantly increases his risk of injury. While dealing with the prospect of getting poked, pricked, or scraped by a used needle would be unpleasant for anyone, it can be even more serious when the person who experiences it is a child– it may even effect his readiness to deal with his own blood-drawing process after such a bad experience.


When you are preparing to select a new blood-testing device, it is important to take all of your personal priorities into consideration. This will assist you in choosing the specific device which will meet your specifications. While the Glucolet 2 will give you a nice degree of convenience in portability, this factor appears to be the Glucolet’s only positive feature.

When you have all of these other points in mind, you can then decide whether the Glucolet 2 is compact, easy to carry size and design will be beneficial enough to you to outweigh all of this product’s less-than-desirable points.

Accu-Chek Multiclix Lancing Device

Accu-Chek Multiclix Lancing DeviceMost people who have been dealing with diabetes are often seeking and ready to welcome new tools that will help them to make managing their diabetes less painful, less of an inconvenience, and less of an intrusion into their daily lives. As anyone who has diabetes is well aware, dealing with all of these difficult factors can sometimes feel as if they are even more bothersome than the condition itself. The Accu-Chek Multiclix lancing device is a handy little tool which will end all of these concerns, and making managing one’s diabetes a much simpler task.

There are a number of factors which lead to the superior nature of this device. One of the most important features, which every person who is dealing with diabetes management will surely appreciate, is that this device is adjustable, so it will feel almost as if it were tailor-made for each individual user. The eleven different settings are provided so that each person can adjust it to suit his or her own skin type. In addition to the adjustable nature of the device, its ease in use will make the Accu-Chek Multiclix device the ideal blood-testing tool for every diabetic, regardless of his or her age.

The Accu-Chek Multiclix device is very convenient, because it is completely portable. Everything that you will need to check your blood on a regular basis is self-contained within the device. It holds six lancets, so you will not have the bother of filling and refilling it throughout the day– all you need to do is pop the device into your pocket or purse, and you are ready for even your most active schedule.

The lancets which you will receive with your Accu-Chek Multiclix device are tested for both safety and comfort. If you have ever dealt with regular needles which were not up to standard, you will appreciate the fine quality of these lancets as soon as you first use one. You will no longer have to experience pain from using inferior needles; and this product will eliminate the waste of money from inferior needles, as well as the concern of being caught away from home without a lancet that you need to check your blood when it is time to do so. When you elect to use the Accu-Chek Multiclix device, you will know that you will always have the superior-quality tool on hand when you need it.

As anyone who has diabetes knows, it is a very serious condition. As such, monitoring your blood on a regular basis is absolutely essential in order to ensure blood glucose stability. If you have already spent many years attempting to manage your diabetes with the few methods which were all you could find until quite recently, you will surely be relieved when you try the Accu-Chek Multiclix. Not only is the precision of this product of the highest possible standards, it is designed to make managing your diabetes no more difficult than any other routine part of your everyday life.

BD Lancing Device

BD Lancing DeviceThere are so many products currently on the market for diabetes management that selecting the equipment that is best for you can seem like an overwhelming task! This is why it is helpful to gain some basic information about the products which are available, so that you can make the most informed choices in which particular products you will find the most suitable. Gaining this information beforehand will also help to eliminate the chance of wasting money on products that you will not like, as well as the personal inconvenience of actually using such products.

The BD Lancing Device is one tool for blood-sugar monitoring which you might like to consider. As is the case with any type of equipment there are both pro’s and con’s to this device, so knowing both the facts about the BD Lancet Device and the degree at which this product has been received by other diabetics who have already used it, should go a long way in assisting you in making a decision about whether or not this is something you would like to try.

The fact of the matter is that people who have used the BD Lancet Device have found it to be less than satisfactory for a number of reasons. The main reasons cited for dissatisfaction with this product include that it is not as easy to use as one may hope when purchasing the device, and adjusting it can also be a bit more complicated than some other similar types of devices. After the initial adjustment, however, the device will be set and ready to use.

Whether these factors figure in to your eventual decision about the BD Lancet Device or not, it is a good idea to also consider some of the more positive aspects of this tool. One important factor of the BD Lancet Device is that it is convenient. If having a blood-drawing device that is easily portable is one of your main priorities in finding just the right tool, this product will provide it for you.

The adjustable feature of the BD Lancet Device also means that it will provide a more-than-adequate degree of comfort when drawing blood. This is a very important feature, for it will help each user feel as if it had been custom-made for him or her. If you have ever tried a blood-drawing method which operates on the “one-size-fits-all” notion, you are sure to appreciate this adjustable feature!

The safety factor is a concern for most diabetics. When the lancets are handled properly, the BD Lancet Device will give you a much better than average degree of safety. This is especially significant when the person who will use this product is a child. With just a little instruction beforehand, even a child can learn how to use this device safely.

Every product has both negative and positive qualities. All in all, the BD Lancet Device can be a good choice in blood-drawing products when used with reasonable care.

The Penlet 2 Lancing Device

Penlet 2 Lancing DeviceUsing the Penlet 2 lancing device is another way to check your blood glucose sugar. This lancet device is used by adults and children alike. In order to get the best results, you should follow the instructions as directed.

The first thing you must do is insert a lancet. Before insertion, pull off the cap to the lancet device. The lancet you place in the device should be new and never been used. In order for the lancet to fit properly, the lancet ridges should not be aligned with the lancet holder slots.

While holding the lancet, remove the protective disk and put the cap back on. There are two caps that you can use for the lancet device. One cap has a single line and both adults and children can use it. The other has two lines and is used for diabetics whose skin is difficult to penetrate.

The sliding barrel should be pulled out until you hear a clicking sound. Before you proceed to get blood, wash your hands using soap and warm water. If you use anything other than warm water, there will not be a smooth blood flow. It is important that you dry your hands completely.

If you allow your arm to hang for a few seconds, this will help with the blood flow and make the blood testing easier for you. Most people use alcohol prior to pricking. When you prick your fingers, don’t use the same one each time you’re testing. Pricking in the same area can cause your finger to hurt and create bumps or calluses.

The Penlet II lancet device should be positioned on the side of the finger. Press in with the cap of the device against that area. Press the release button and remove the lancet device. In order to get blood you must squeeze your finger in the area where you pricked it.

When you’ve finished getting blood, be careful as to how you remove the lancet and cap. As you’re holding the prongs, the lancet should be pointed down and away from you. Pull the barrel until the lancet comes out.

After every test, it is important to clean the Penlet II lancet device with soap and water. There are other things you should know about the Penlet II to use with caution. Under no circumstances, should you use a used lancet, whether you’ve used it already or someone else used it. This is a recipe for infection. You are to always use a fresh, sterile one for each blood glucose test.

If for some reason, someone else uses the same Penlet II lancer as you, a new lancet should always be used. Also, you should also use a new cap or make sure the one you have is thoroughly disinfected. Actually, it’s better if you don’t share Penlet II lancet devices to further prevent the spread of infection.

When you’re finished with the lancet, make sure it is discarded in a plastic container where you can place sharp items. Using this lancet device properly can prevent unnecessary mishaps and infections.

Accu-Chek Softclix Lancing Device

Accu-Chek Softclix Lancing DeviceThe Accu-Check Softclix lancing device is made by Accu-Chek and costs more than the other lancing devices on the market. There are several reasons for this. First, they provide more comfort than some of the other brands on the market because of its unique design and operation. In fact, it has been touted as the most comfortable lancet available.

Even though this lancing device is smaller, it is by far one of the most reliable. The Softclix can be used for years to come, provided it’s taken care of properly. It’s also short in length, as opposed to other lancing device brands.

The Softclix lancing device is placed into a slot. This slot can hold the lancets without any problems. These can last for a long time and you don’t have to concern yourself about breakage.

To operate it, remove the cap from the lancing device. Place the Softclix lancet into the holder. Remove the cover of the lancet and put the cap back on. The cap is required to secure a certain way. It has to line up with the device or it won’t be secure. It may take some time until it is aligned properly.

In order to get the correct depth, twist the tip to get the measurement that you need. On the Softclix lancet device, there are 11 measurement settings you can use to make sure the needle penetrates far enough into the skin. After you’ve done that, the device has to be cocked. Press the button until you hear a clicking sound. You will know that you’re on the right track when the button turns yellow.

Only when the button is yellow can you proceed to press it. You have to have enough strength in order to activate the lancing device. This device needs at least 14 ounces of pressure in order to operate.

If the first time wasn’t good, you can try again. On the next try, you may want to increase the depth and then cock it again. If it works a second time around, then you can remove the top and remove the lancet.

Even though the Softclix lancets and lancing device may be pricier than the others, you can get your money’s worth from this one. It is so compact and easy to hold that it’s great for adults and children to use.