At-Home Lab Testing, No Insurance And No Referrals

Read through our guide on at-home lab testing. Save time and money by using online services that don’t require referrals or insurance. Diabetic Live has picked a couple at-home lab testing companies and has listed pricing and the steps you can take to use to make your testing quick and easy.

at-home lab testing with no insurance and no referrals needed

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Read through our guide on how to do at-home lab testing. Save time and money by using online services that don’t require referrals or insurance. Diabetic Live has picked a couple of at-home lab testing companies and has listed pricing and the steps you can take to use to make your testing quick and easy.

At-Home Lab Testing Prices


Today’s environment makes it very important for society to be able to do at-home lab testing as much as possible. Recent world shakers like COVID-19 is a reason that many people do not want to leave their home.

Ordering groceries and other products/services have increased in popularity. The fantasy that we all saw in the Back to Future movies seems to be more of reality every single day. Now, more than ever virtual buying is the go-to and it doesn’t just stop at basic necessities: things like clothing, car parts, and even, medical lab tests are being ordered online.

Regular medical lab tests are important to ensure that we are all at our most optimal health. A1C Testing, vitamin deficiencies, blood disorders, kidney/liver dysfunction, high LDL cholesterol, etc are all ailments that can wreak havoc on our anatomy. However, not everyone can afford to go to the doctor and pay for expensive lab tests. That’s where services like at-home lab testing have gained popularity.

So, why not just go to a doctor?

Most people have this question because they are wary about the results of tests online. However, lab tests done online are completely safe and provide accurate results, just like your doctor’s office. However, there are so many more benefits to at-home lab testing.

The Benefits of At-Home Lab Testing

Less Risky

COVID-19 continues to be an issue in society and therefore, at-home lab testing helps to continue to combat it by staying at home. It keeps everyone safer. There are even companies that offer COVID-19 tests as well as at home flu test kits.

Costs Less

Medical tests are expensive and at-home lab testing can be a great way to cut down on some of those costs. For example, a blood test ordered by a doctor can cost up to $900 or more. However, by using an at-home lab testing company you could save hundreds of dollars.

No Hidden Fees

When you order a test online, that is the price that you pay. You don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or what the bill will look like when it comes in. There are no taxes to be concerned about. What you see is what you pay.


Since many at-home tests can be done without having to leave your home, it makes staying healthy more efficient than ever. At-home testing companies can deliver your tests right to your door and for any blood tests that need to be done, they can easily be scheduled at a lab near you. At-home testing can also reduce the time you have to wait in a doctor’s office for blood work. Since you are the only one being tested, you can do it all on your own time frame.

No Insurance or Referral Needed

You do not have to have any insurance or a doctor’s referral to buy a test online. The doctor’s orders are made by the at-home testing website, such as the ones listed below.


Due to the fact that you can get tested whenever you want, you do not have to worry about setting up an appointment. You can do your at-home testing when you are free. You don’t have to worry about taking off work or rescheduling anything as at-home lab testing works around your schedule.


There are no hassles with at-home lab testing like the ones you can find at a doctor’s office. It really is as simple as booking an appointment and waiting for your supplies to show up. You can get an at-home test at any point, even on the weekends. They are simple and very easy-to-use.

Quick Results

Most tests have the availability to be delivered within 24-48 hours. If you are monitoring a health condition like diabetes, this allows for safe access to results without having to wait for your doctor to call you. The results can also be sent to your doctor as well.

Clarify Family History

Lab testing at home can help clarify any family history issues such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. It can help to confirm or rule out in possible inherited conditions.


The new-age online at-home testing services are offered by professionals. So there isn’t a need to worry about not getting the best care or accurate results.


A lot of reasons why people do not like hospitals are due to germs, so that stands to reason that people do not like clinics either. With today’s fears of catching COVID-19 that concern has increased and a lot of people are doing whatever they can to stay out of the doctor’s office. Blood tests at home have become even popular because many people want to stay home as much as possible.


Due to HIPAA privacy rules, all test results are confidential. When you do visit a lab for blood work, no other visitors will be able to find out information about why you are there. Your results will be handled securely and you will have access to them via your online account.

Early Detection

There are a lot of people who go to the doctor and believe that they have an ailment, but simply feel that they get the run around from the doctor. Sadly, this has created future health problems that could have been avoided. By taking control of your own health and ordering a health test at home, you can find out for sure if you are ailing in any way. It is a great way to identify serious conditions early on because some diseases develop slowly without symptoms.

No Tracking

When you have lab tests completed at your doctor’s office, they become part of your health profile. This can affect future jobs, health/disability insurance, or other life events. With at-home lab testing, you don’t have to worry about that.

Now with all the benefits in mind, let’s talk about some of these popular websites. is a “fast, private, and affordable” at-home lab testing company that has been in business since 2015. They have a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating and a lot of happy testimonials on their website. works with thousands of trusted CLIA-certified labs across America. Therefore, they offer some of the most inexpensive laboratory tests for those who do not have insurance, have to pay a large deductible, or want to keep their confidentiality. Tests are offered in a variety of conditions: allergies, anemia, inflammation, blood type, cholesterol, diabetes, fertility, gastrointestinal health, toxins, hormones, hepatitis, immunity, kidney, liver, STD’s, thyroid, vitamin deficiencies, etc. Prices range from $28 to $499 and you can get results in as little as 1-2 days. It is as simple as ordering a test online, visiting one of 4,500 available labs, and getting your results a couple of days later.

These tests should never replace your doctor’s current orders, so make sure that you take any test results you receive and compare them with your doctor’s test results. is an online at-home lab testing company that offers more than 400 blood tests and telemedicine services. They have a rating of 8.7 out of 10 stars and have 2,300 labs nationwide to visit. You do need a referral from your doctor or a health insurance provider in order to obtain a lab test, all you need is the payment which varies from $39 to $561. Once you’ve selected a test and ordered it, you will receive the information you need in order to take your test. Most tests can be completed at home, but a few still require blood work to be completed at a lab. offers many different types of tests: cancer screenings, STD tests, liver/kidney function tests, heart/stroke testing, women’s health panels, men’s health panel, etc. With a four-step process, this online company offers an easy approach to optimizing your health.

Step 1

Order Your Test (select test and pay online)

Step 2

Print Doctor’s Orders (we have registered doctors in 50 states that can provide you with an order)

Step 3

Visit a lab

Step 4

Get your results (can be viewed on a personal account online)

Once you have received your results, you can schedule a phone or video consultation to go over the results and any treatment options. is a Direct Access Testing (DAT) company that offers a variety of different tests for everyone via dozens of CLIA labs across America. The company offers saliva, stool, urine, breath, and swab tests for different ailments. They even offer COVID-19 testing. Their tests range from $119-$849. You can use their online search options to scour 1000’s of tests to find one that is perfect for you. Once you have ordered a test, you will receive instructions on what your next step is. After testing is complete, you will receive your test results within 24-48 hours via email. At which point, professionals will answer any questions that you have with the company’s one-on-one results review. You don’t need a doctor’s referral or health insurance. However, if you do have health insurance, will keep your results confidential. The company will only allow others to see your results if you allow it. does not take the place or your primary physician and it still recommended that you go and see your doctor regularly. Just because your test results come back clear doesn’t mean that they always will be. Your body is growing and changing so those yearly physicals are very important.

Thoughts & Conclusion

When considering at-home lab testing, always do your homework. There are so many different types of testing companies out there and you always want to make sure you are getting the very best care and the most accurate results. Research, research, research, it cannot be said enough. This is your health so it’s very important to make sure you understand everything in small detail and if you don’t, always ask questions to find more information. Knowledge is a key factor when it comes to health. The more we know, the healthier we are.

At-home lab testing appears to be working its way into our lives little by little. First, with things like ancestry, and then with what type of food best fits our DNA, now we can test for diabetes or heart issues right in our very homes. The future is now, just make sure you always fact check. At-home lab testing is convenient and helpful, but it should never replace a yearly physical. It’s also not something to replace doctor’s advice with. To create your best health, try opting for a combination of both, at-home lab testing and in-office care. It is the best approach to make sure that you have everything you need to live your healthiest life.

Author: Staff Writers

Content published on Diabetic Live is produced by our staff writers and edited/published by Christopher Berry. Christopher is a type 1 diabetic and was diagnosed in 1977 at the age of 3.